Software Development

We specialize in building database applications for small to medium businesses. Using the latest state of the art Development Tools, sound design and only the best skills in the industry we are able to deliver solutions at 1/2 to 1/10th of what our competitors can.  Working with you step by step we will help you expand and grow your business.

All the software we develop goes through intensive testing before it is released. This protects you from cost overruns and ensures that you have a quality service.

Database Development & Integration
Everything now starts with a database. Be it a simple contact list or a complex CRM package. As applications grow larger the importance of having a good well designed database becomes more evident. This is where most software fails and this is where we excel. We spend as much time in information gathering, planning and design as we do on actual code cutting. Integration is another arm of the development services we provide. Most of the clients we have visited have had several different applications to run their business. Lack of integration means that you will be spending more on staffing requirements, running the risk of losing vital information, and risking client confidence. This is where we can help. If you have your data stored in several different spreadsheets, data sources and applications, we can show you ways on bringing together all this information and running it from one simple database system.

Web driven databases
Gone is the dotcom craze and the rush to be online! Fortunately we take a more balanced and practical approach. We suggest and design web driven portals as a window to the online world and not because everyone is doing it. So if you want your field personnel to edit records on the road or if you have an existing database, and want to build online connectivity, we would be able to develop this for you.

Business analysis
Are you working for the software or is the software working for you? Unfortunately in most cases the former is true. This is where in-depth analysis of your business is essential. The idea is to build a solution that improves your productivity and profitability. In most cases software can help. And we can show you how.

Vertical Market Applications
We build extremely robust and simple to use applications targeted to individual business types. This is of course much easier said then done: To capture the complexity of business practices and package them in an easy to use system requires years of experience and expertise. All the software we develop passes through an intensive cycle of information gathering, research, design, development and testing, thus ensuring you have no headaches when you start using the software. It is our long standing commitment to work closely with our clients in meeting their requirements. Most of our development is based on “modules” or “components” that can be added as your business needs increase. Have a look at some of the products we build and develop.

Software Maintenance
If you have a product that is costing you to much to maintain, your business needs have changed, or there are just too many bugs, chances are we can help. We have rebuilt extremely badly written software using the shortest possible resources and time. We also maintain software systems on an annual contractual basis. Contact Us for more details.

Outsourcing & Project Management
In some cases it is more economical to outsource an entire IT Project. To take on an IT project for most companies is a huge task. You need to have the right tools and the right expertise. We take the worry and risk factor out of the  project and ensure your project is delivered on schedule.  Contact Us for more details.